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What a poster sale on looks like


Taken at Chop Shop Studio


New Print of a Whole New Design ???Dashing Ladies???


And new to Chop Shop is this collection of famous females. Over 100 iconic hair-dos from historic women of the past and present. Also by HumanShapedRobot for ChopShop printed on 80# French Speckletone Natural paper.


Look for it also as a tshirt for men and women later this month.

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The Classic ???Dapper Men??? Now Available as a Screen Print


The everyman’s t-shirt guide to looking dapper is now a screen print. 141 dudes sporting a right gentlemanly combination of hair, beard or mustache with a good majority scoring all 3. This best selling tee design now in a 19″ x 25″ screen print on 100# French Sno-Cone Blue paper. Designed and printed by HumanShapedRobot for ChopShop.

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Chop Shop Wants to Keep Listening


We at Chop Shop are dedicated to the continued listening for signs of other life coming from deep space. We are running out of new alien icons to update our alienWe shirt and are always in need of new references. We surely don’t want to miss ET’s phone call… he may have some friends to add. 

* The Interrobang is an advanced form of alien punctuation designating curiosity and excitement all at the same time.


Help keep The Allen Telescope Array online and looking for signs of life. 

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Buy A Shark Get a Dolphin


Shark Week Offer: Get any size copy of Men’s “weLoaded” featuring that frickin’ shark with lasers on its head and get a free kid’s “Dolphin” tee which also features several non-laser based sharks. 

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