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Chop Shop SciFi Icon Tees for Kids Too

All three of Chop Shop’s Science Fiction t-shirts are also available in children’s (below) and toddler’s sizes (above). For toddlers, the crowd is edited down to only include the “friendlies” which should keep the nightmares at bay, this change usually results in around half the number of icons seen in the adult artwork. The kid’s version includes all the icons taken from the adult versions… nasties included.


Kids versions of the art is shown above. By the way… the alien version glows in the toddler and kid versions. The robot design in kid sizes (not toddler) includes a glow layer where all the eyes and buttons glow.


Links: weRobot, alienWe and weGo


weBite Tshirt and Print Set (Special Offer)


weBite features variations on the vampire ranging from multiple sources: film, sitcoms, anime, cartoons, children’s entertainment, video games, comics, comedy and even the breakfast table. All arranged into the form of a bat.


This offer provides one free weBite tshirt and a weBite Letter Press print for the price of just the print. Specifically on the print… details in the original artwork are now visible that are simply not reproducible on a tshirt and have never been seen on any previous incarnation. A limited run of 200 copies are now available and will be numbered as they go out the door.

Chopping Block Space Age Print


Design of circa 1998. Part of the Chopping Block series of “identity crisis” designs. This one borrows from graphic language dating back to the golden age of manned spaceflight.

All digital prints are produced and printed on archival Moab Rag Bright white and the weight is 190 GSM. The size is 11″x17″. The run will be limited to 100 copies and will be numbered as they are shipped.

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Build a Well with Tshirts?


As graduates fresh out of college, the members of wellDone traveled to Africa during the Summer of 2005, during which they observed the critical need for safe drinking water in communities throughout rural Ghana. Wanting to make a difference they launched WellDone with one goal: funding, constructing, and the long-term managing of six wells in villages throughout rural Ghana. See the chart below for the costs associated with the drilling of a single community well.


That number is actually less costly than the installation of just one industrial sized cappuchino machine you normally see at many cafes like Starbucks. Not a very difficult number to reach through the sale of a single tshirt design. Your purchase of one tee is quite literally one step toward the reaching of that goal. Get one now for men or for women.


Long-Overdue Product Shots for Women

These are some older designs we just never got around to shooting photos of with female models.


weGo for Women (above)


undeadWe for Women (above).


Helbotica for Women (above).


alienWe for Women (above).

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History Became Myth Print Set

Icons became tshirts, tshirts became popular and things that should have been printed were not.


Now you can get the 5 icons from our “weScare” and “undeadWe” tshirts that were inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy in a set of 5″x7″ prints. See above for all five designs from top-left to bottom-left, “Fly You Fools”, “Shall Not Pass”, “The Precious”, “An Oath Fulfilled” and “Not by the Hand of Man”.

and: Graphic Design Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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New Print: Phish New Years 2004 Ticket Art


The ticket art for Phish???s 2004 New Years Eve Miami shows is now available as an 11″x17″ print from our Etsy shop. The tickets were for 4 separate shows culminating in the NYE show which seen at far right. Each ticket features some very bizarre alter-world version of Florida. Art ranges from an old man sun (left), old people silver-surfing (center left), squid Miami-Vice and the moon spitting out the new year.

All digital prints are produced and printed on archival Moab Rag Bright white and the weight is 190 GSM. The size is 11″x17″.

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