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How Chop Shop Pop Icons are Made to be so Iconic

It is not just tracing. Here is an example of how I make one of my Pop Icons. This particular icon features Ray Charles as the subject. See the full line of t-shirts from robots to rock stars or check out the whole database of icons at Tumblr.

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Another Filmography Tshirt for the ’70s


Its been a while, but we are finally following up on our ’80s film collection with the second in the series. Working again with Timo Meyer, this time it is the ’70s. A decade that is easily one of the most creative high points in the US film industry. 20 films are featured in all — from critically acclaimed landmark films to what came to be known as the very first Summertime blockbusters.


Get ’70s Selection in styles for men on American Apparel Black, Silver & Chocolate or on Tultex Black & Silver and for women on American Apparel Black & Silver.

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weGo Onesies Added


Is your baby cute? Can he or she drive? If you can answer at least one of those two questions in the affirmative you need to check out our “weGo” design on American Apparel onesies. Just choose from the Style tab “Toddlers” and then for Brand choose “American Apparel”.

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weRobot Onesies Added!


Is your baby cute? Is it a robot? If you can answer at least one of those two questions in the affirmative you need to be looking at our ever popular “weRobot” design on American Apparel onesies. Just choose from the Style tab “Toddlers” and then for Brand choose “American Apparel”.


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101 Dashing Ladies Follow-Up to 141 Dudes


For every dapper man – there’s a Dashing Gal. This collection of famous females features 101 iconic hair-dos from women of the past and present. This is a follow-up to 2009’s best-selling Dapper Men by Jamie Reed.


Also available for a limited time as a numbered screen print.


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weLoaded Numbered for Solving


A blog named yesbutnobutyes.com surprised us once and posted a numbered version of one of our designs and the community had at it with tons of comments. Since then we have been making officially numbered versions of our art so that people can do the same thing in style. Yesbutnobutyes has since passed away, but it still remains on the interwebs and you can find some of the old posts with a simple Google search. Grab this numbered image of our newest design — weLoaded and post it to your blog or facebook. Maybe you will get a whole bunch of people to be totally unproductive today.

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The Next Collection Design Peek #2


Another look at the next Chop Shop collection design, scheduled for release Feb 1, 2011.

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The Next Collection Design?


The next iconic Chop Shop tshirt design will be available for purchase Feb 1. This one features 78 specific references from all genres of popular culture.

More sneak previews to come.

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Custom Celebrity Apes Tee for MailChimp


Ben at MailChimp has been a great customer for Chop Shop over the years and we insist that MailChimp is the best email newsletter service out there. So when we decided last spring that the next pop-icon tee would focus on famous simians… we knew we had to let Ben know. He wanted Freddie (their logo/mascot) to be in the design somehow, but we were hesitant to include a corporate entity in a design that is intended to be about pop-culture icons. So we ditched Blip and dropped Freddie in for a special run exclusively printed for MailChimp with custom label included. 


See their recent blog post about their plans for weVolve the MailChimp edition.

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Revealed: weVolve (37 Celebrity Simians)


We hope you have been following the daily posting of each individual weVolve icon. Now you can get your damn dirty ape hands on an actual copy of the??celebrated simians tshirt??as they are now in stock.??37 iconic apes and monkeys from film, television, cartoons, video games, children???s entertainment and even one from classic literature.

This newest addition to the Chop Shop iconic series of tee designs was made with the superior discharge method of printing tshirts. A process that allows the finest of details to be clear which are usually lost to traditional methods of printing on t-shirt fabrics.

Styles are available for men in American Apparel Olive and Chocolate as well as in Alstyle Black. Women styles come in American Apparel Chocolate. Coming soon in Toddler and Kid sizes as well.

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