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Comic Con has Left the Building

Comic Con NY was a great experience as usual. We refer to it in-house as Nerd Christmas. This spry young bounty hunter greeted us each morning as we approached the Javitz.


Each year we have better sales than the previous, which says a whole lot about Comic Con NY itself. We had a flurry of previous customers already wearing our digs, but we only took 3 shots this year as we were too busy selling tshirts.

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The Idol & The Whip T-shirt


In life we rarely need just one thing. Often you need one thing and only really want another. Need overcomes want, but there is nothing like the whole package. We are now offering the full package to fans of Chop Shop. You too can have it all, both the idol and the whip. God help those who try and make you choose. Available for Men in black (standard stock) or chocolate (American Apparel 2001) and for women in chocolate (American Apparel 2102).

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Comic Con NYC 2012


Come see me and the kids at Comic Con NYC this weekend. When you do, I will sell you some tee shirts and try and convince you that your wife/girlfriend would love the 51 robots print hanging on your living room wall. 

See us at Booth 989.

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