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Comic Con has Left the Building

Comic Con NY was a great experience as usual. We refer to it in-house as Nerd Christmas. This spry young bounty hunter greeted us each morning as we approached the Javitz.


Each year we have better sales than the previous, which says a whole lot about Comic Con NY itself. We had a flurry of previous customers already wearing our digs, but we only took 3 shots this year as we were too busy selling tshirts.

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Comic Con NYC 2012


Come see me and the kids at Comic Con NYC this weekend. When you do, I will sell you some tee shirts and try and convince you that your wife/girlfriend would love the 51 robots print hanging on your living room wall. 

See us at Booth 989.

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Chop Shop is @ PhillyCon


We are at Philadelphia Comic Con 2010 Wizard World Convention until Sunday. While we are here, we thought we might set up a table and some chairs to sit for a??while. On top of that, we even decided to bring some tshirts and??posters along with us to decorate the place a bit. We also brought a whole bunch of extra copies in boxes under the table and word has it??that if slip us a $20 or something like that ??? we might take a liking to you and hand you some tee or poster of your choice.

But you didn???t hear it from me.

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