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Undead We: Gicl??e Print in Zombie Colors


Now available in the colors of the undead; 51 celebrated icons of the living dead, including zombies, mummies, spirits, ghosts and various other forms of re-animated dead stuff! Featuring one new icon from the original tshirt design.

Print is digital Epson on 13″x15″ Moab Entrada archival white.

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weFab: 85 Icons of Beatle History and Songs


If you are like me and like bands that are bigger than Jesus, play live spontaneous shows on rooftops, like to cross streets in perfect line formation and are at least 75% the Eggmen — well, then you will have to love this update of our best-selling tshirt now available as a giclée print from Chop Shop. Printed on digital Epson paper 13″x15″ Moab Entrada archival white. Comes in 4 color variations.


Just like the tshirt there are 62 icons that relate to fab history and 23 icons that symbolize specific songs. The idea of adding a new color was inspired by this one-of-a-kind framed version that features a vintage copy of “Strawberry Fields” flaoting above the center of the design.

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