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The Chop Shop Etsy Store on G4

Pretty excellent inclusion of Chop Shop on the most recent episode of G4tv. While our own site remains our central focus, we do make our products available on both Etsy and SupermarketHQ to reach a larger audience.


New ???My Heart is Divided??? Tshirt Sorts It All Out

It is hard to dedicate your heart to any one thing. The best we can do is divide our passions up among the things that really matter to us. Please note that not all proportions may be accurate for all people… to compensate for this, we are considring making the Original Trilogy area larger in the next run of this design.

Available in Black & Charcoal Men’s Alstyle, sizes SML-4XL or Chocolate Men’s American Apparel, sizes SML-2XL. For women the design is be available in Chocolate American Apparel, sizes SML-XL. This item is currently on pre-order, due to arrive around February 1, 2010.

Art and concept is by Chris Thornley.

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Check Out the Art of Michael Paukner

Some of the gorgeous art by Michael Paukner involve space related themes such as this updated poster of the Solar System as we know it in 2010. This image and others are available from his site in poster form. Much of his other work involves conspiratorial type pop-science (junk-science as most would agree) such as numerology, Nibiru (aka Planet X) and that crazy Aztec 2012 doomsday calender… but my impression is that much of this is just for fun.

I have also included this info-graphic on how an eclipse works which has to be the most attractive depiction of the phenomenon I have ever seen. If you want to see more of his work apart from what is on sale at his site, you need to check out this set in his flickr feed.

Special Print Set Offer (3 for Price of 2)

Special offer for you fiction fanatics. We are offering a special set of 3 prints at a special price.

You can get both of our screened prints, “The Science Fiction Collection” and “The Horror & Fantasy Collection” and any one of our letter press prints including “weRobot”, “weBite” or “rockStar” for only $95. That is 30% off the combined price of all three, not to mention the combined saving on shipping. That is between 326 and 349 total icons to decipher depending on which letter press print you choose.

The screen prints are 14×34″ on 80lb Cosmos black, see the individual links above for more on the letter press specs. At the very least… make sure if you are buying both screen prints, you do it here and get the free letter press print!

Monsters and Aliens and Bots??? Oh my!

A sci-fi pop-culture update to the classic Wizard of Oz mantra, “Lions and tigers and bears… oh my!”. Illustrated in 5 colors including metallic silver for a pinch of robotic zest. Available now. Created by the master of illustrated type Chris Piascik and concept by Chop Shop. Get it in styles for men, women or for kids.