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Chop Cards: Mobile Design Index Cards


Our Chop Cards are ideal for making your mobile dreams come true! We just got another batch of mobile design index cards back from the printer. Now you too can brainstorm like a pro with one hundred spot-color mobile device frames printed on high quality bright white index cards. Stockpile them for yourself or share them with a team. Pen, pencil, horizontal or vertical, with a handful of these bad boys you are ready to design the crazy future of mobile design!

Our team is often asked to mastermind and deliver new UX design solutions, or fix existing ones. A task which always entails lots of potential options, fresh ideas and rapid ideation. When the various bits (sections, platforms, navigation, etc..) of an interactive project are rapidly shifting, sketchbooks & notepads can not always keep up. Project discovery with index cards allow us to seamlessly explore design, user flows, application scale and more. It enables a team to challenge conventions or refine goals by shifting/swapping cards around until things feel right.

We believe that every creative idea worth discussing should be drawn. Experience has proven that a few hours of drawing & prototyping interactive applications can save days (if not weeks) development and testing.


If you really want to be an overachiever, our friends at Woomoo Inc. have created a genius app called POPapp that turns your Chop Card sketches into clickable mobile prototypes. Together we are combining elements of the past and the future all for the price of $7.50 and a free app!

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Vintage Chop Shop: Sir Freelancelot


Finally posted this vintage Chop Shop tee, Sir Freelancelot detailed with gold foil. This was always a favorite of our, released in 2007. There are only a few left of Men’s XL and 2X.

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Chop Shop Tees on Sale for $10


Three designs only $10 at Chop Shop. Printed on Alstyle and Gildan.


“Desk Jockey” is actually the design that inspired the idea of making tees filled with stuff. Our hero has mounted his desk and is quickly off to a much better… cubicle.

“Designerd” was designed by Matthew Richmond as part of a presentation he gave in 2007. After he made just one we thought we as well make a few hundred.

“Template IIe” is how a vintage Apple IIe would look as a plastic scale model. Tee does not include glue. Don’t sniff the glue.


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Chop Shop Tees on Sale for $12


Three designs only $12 at Chop Shop. These include “Design Life”, “Jpegasus” and “Graphic Design Upside Down”. Printed on Alstyle and Gildan tees. 


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HOW Slides: Web Design For Non-Web Designers


Last week I presented at the HOW Design Conference Denver, CO. Our??objective for HOW was to present well-formed technique, design??solutions and inspiration to designers looking to work online. The??challenge at hand being to convince a packed room of talented yet??overstimulated pro’s that the web is not as complicated/different as??they are often led to believe. As promised, I have posted the Web Design For Non-Web Designers presentation online. (That was the link right there)

HTML5 was selected as the presentation engine because it was seemingly the right time to do so. A lot of designers/developers were inspired by the HTML5 slides built by Marcin Wichary & Ernest Delgado, our goal was to add some web fonts and make it look nice.??Over the years I have used Powerpoint, Keynote and Flash to build out often elaborate presentations, but now I am quite content trying to push the HTML5 & JavaScript slides as far as possible. If there is continued interest I can post more information about building the presentation itself.

On the way back from Denver, I made some additions to the slides:

  • Removed the PDF links, replacing them with Shadowbox.js galleries.
  • Quickly added a print.css file, which means it will look nice when you hit print.
  • Enabled the display of inline notes, just hit the 2 key (on a slide with notes).
  • Cleaned up the copy a bit, added more resource links.
  • Trimmed down the file size a bit. There is always room for more optimization.

The HOW Design Conference is a force for good, and I don???t often say such things about big conferences. The attendees, speakers (and yes sponsors) are a humble & talented group. Huge thanks to the folks at HOW and everybody who stopped me to say hello and talk shop.

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Let Us Illustrate This Problem for You


Our Parent company The Chopping Block, has been working closely with Climate Central to help illustrate the actual data they get back from NASA and the US Navy on climate change. Climate Central is a nonprofit science and media organization created to provide clear and objective information about climate change and its potential risks. The illustrations are an attempt at showing the raw data in an entirely apolitical way that is easy for the average person to understand. The issue of climate change is a complex one and we hope that these illustrations can help people focus on the data, because climate change like any other science should be based upon data and not opinion.


Above is an attempt to speak in volumes??? It is difficult to speak to people in metric tons, so we try to convey the amounts in terms people are familiar with. Here we illustrate how the amount of ice lost in Alaska over 3 years would be enough to cover the states of CT, VT, ME, NJ, MD, NH, MA, RI and about 90% of NY in about 3 feet of ice. See also a similar treatment of Greenland Ice Loss.


Another way of looking at how the Arctic ice is thinning over 25 years. This time we are also showing the actual distribution of thicknesses over the region. Here the data on Autumn levels are shown and an additional illustration of these thicknesses is also available for Winter data on the Climate Central website.


Perhaps the most shocking data set is this illustration of how much ice is actually shedding off the coast of Greenland. The two front bergs represent the actual tonnage of bergs that were dislodged from the Greenland land mass. Only 7 billion in a TEN year period from 92-02 and 177 billion in only THREE years from 04-07. Hard to argue with those numbers??? though people will.

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Robot Rock, Rocks on a Tee or as a Print

It so hard for Chop Shop to resist pop-culture references. Our best received designs thus far have been our “weRobot” and “rockStar” tees which contain about 80+ pop-icon references just between the two. So when we came across this image by Richard Miske on flickr, it was like the gods sending us a signal.


Naturally, if robots ruled the world in 1979 instead of 2020… we believe they still would have been inclined to grab the nearest axe and start smashing. You can get the tshirt now from chopshopstore so that when the robot overlords look you over they will know who’s side you are on. Listen as your new robotic overlord speaks, “Male humans go here and female humans go here” or secure your 2-dimensional art version here.

Elvis Presley (self titled) The Clash “London Calling”

What makes this design even more referential than usual is that it pays homage to an album cover that pays homage to yet another album cover. Elvis’ debut album cover is seen above left and The Clash’s epic “London Calling” is to the right. The historic nature of both these records and the fact that there is this visual game shared between the two has led many others to follow the same example hoping just a bit of Elvis and The Clash might rub off on them. Considering some of the titles below… it seems like it just may work.

El Vez’s “El Vez Calling” Tom Waits’ “Rain Dogs” Tony Hawk’s “American Wasteland” Sountrack K.D. Lang’s “Reintarnation”

Now to get back to shameless self-promotion. We would be fools to not ask you to join our Chop Shop newsletter. Coupon codes and free tees are given out willfully and with reckless abandon.

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Chop Shop Interview on popculturetees.com

“I normally don’t start a feature with a comment, but I think that Chop Shop has something unique that I have not seen at any other site in the Shirt-o-Sphere and just had to point out. They have their own theme song and it was written and recorded by the grammy winning group, They Might Be Giants.”

Read the full article HERE.

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Design Life Tshirt. Know what I???m sayin’?

Design Life

Its more than a tshirt design. Its a way of life. Know what I’m sayin’? I mean, its a tshirt that’ll put some hair on your chest. Know what I’m sayin’?

This design comes in Alstyle color Sand (top) or on American Apparel Black on Charcoal or Black on Black (above), sizes SML-3XL. Ladies… if you are interested, let us know. Know what I’m sayin’?

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