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Throw a Classic Rock Concert on Your Wall


Choose from 29 classic rockers whose stars burnt brightest between the years 1964 and 1976. Four Beatles, two Stones, one Door and more. Also with 3 equipment selections to fill out a space. These wall decals were inspired by the tshirt and letter press poster deisgns (now also a digital print) of the same name.


Vinyl decals are easily applied and can be carefully removed and leave no marks on walls as well. To make application easier you can choose to include tranfer tape with each order, which makes positioning easier — especially when attempting to properly align designs that have more than one color. 

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Our New ???weFab??? Tee Celebrings Fabulous Things


MP3s might seem funnier to some of you than this tee, but as far as we’re conceived this correction of tiny icons is the most wonderfoul one we’ve ever ready.

This tee is more popular than Bulldogs now; we don’t know which will go first – this tee or the laundry. Get it for fellows and birds on American Apparel or get it in standard stock for lads with less fuss.

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80’s Pop Icons on Better Colors & Now on American Apparel


31 music icons of the 1980’s all on one tee. Our classic design from 2009 features pop-icons from the era of Mtv music video — alongside some early legends of what later became the “independent” music scene in the ’90s and some of the most influential artists from the ’80s New Wave phenomenon.


This version #2 also includes 2 new icons not previously seen in version #1. 


The previous version on Alstyle in Highlighter (seen above) or Sepiatone is now on sale for only $17. Just choose “Alstyle -$5” under the Brand selector.

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Chop Shop Tees on Sale for $15


Three designs only $15 at Chop Shop. Printed on Alstyle and some options on American Apparel tees.


“My Heart is Divided” is the heart of a nerd divided into his/her favorite things like sides of beef. Printed on Men’s Alstyle and colors are Black or Charcoal and will be shipped according to availability. Also available for Women on American Apparel Chocolate.

“Four Endings” features four calligraphic elements of the afterlife: Death, Judgement, Hell and Glory. Printed on American Apparel and color is Black.

“Rock N Roll” is just a dude who likes to rock so much his beard produces lightening. Printed on Alstyle and colors are Black or Charcoal and will be shipped according to availability.

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Special Clearance Page All Items $4-$10

Last week we gave subscribers to our newsletter first dibs at this clearance page. If you want a chance at the best offers next time we publish a secret page, join our newsletter here. Listed below are the??items chosen for clearance either for being overstocked or for being low in some sizes while high in others.

$6 and $8 – VIDEO ROCK TEE

Radiolab Logo

31 icons of 80???s pop music. From Micheal Jackson to The Minutemen. Sale price available $6 for Men???s Alstyle MED and $8 Women???s Alstyle Missy SML.


Radiolab Logo

31 icons of 70???s rock, funk, punk and folk music. From Springsteen to Ozzy. Sale price available for Men???s Alstyle SML-XL and 3XL and in Women???s Alstyle Missy SML-XL.Prices vary depending on variants.

$5-10 – OH MY! TEE

Radiolab Logo

Not in Kansas anymore? Get ???Aliens & Monsters & Bots, Oh My!??? on Men???s Alstyle SML-2XL in various colors. For Women, get it on Teal American Apparel sizes SML-XL. Prices vary depending on variants..


Radiolab Logo

Put some hair on your chest and get ???Design Life??? on Sand colored Alstyle tees for Men. Sizes SML-2XL. Prices vary depending on variants.


Radiolab Logo

35 celebrity vampires from Bela Lugosi to Mr. Burns. Printed in grey with a touch of mettalic silver on black archival paper. All copies numbered and sealed. Size is 22″x14″.


Radiolab Logo

29 viral web memes from Mahir ???I kiss you!??? to the Star Wars Kid. Sale price is available in Men???s Alstyle Charcoal and Black. Sizes XL, 2XL and 3XL.


Radiolab Logo

Grow a beard, shoot lightning from it and rock the house in this ???Rock N Roll??? tee. Sale price available in Men???s Alstyle sizes LRG, XL and 2XL. Prices vary depending on variants.


Radiolab Logo

35 celebrity vampires from Bela Lugosi to Mr. Burns. Sale price is available in Men???s American Apparel Chocolate. Sizes SML-XL.


Radiolab Logo

???Dolphin??? is made of icons from the sea. Sale price available in kids sizes XS, SML and LRG.


Radiolab Logo

28 Classic rock icons from John Lennon to Freddie Mercury. Letter press printed on White archival paper with Black and grey ink. All copies numbered and sealed. Size is 14″x16″.

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New Print: Phish New Years 2004 Ticket Art


The ticket art for Phish???s 2004 New Years Eve Miami shows is now available as an 11″x17″ print from our Etsy shop. The tickets were for 4 separate shows culminating in the NYE show which seen at far right. Each ticket features some very bizarre alter-world version of Florida. Art ranges from an old man sun (left), old people silver-surfing (center left), squid Miami-Vice and the moon spitting out the new year.

All digital prints are produced and printed on archival Moab Rag Bright white and the weight is 190 GSM. The size is 11″x17″.

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Rock Icon Singles Now as 5″x7″ Prints

The one detriment to loading up one design with 30 musicians is what happens when someone on the tee is an act that some people might hate? There are also those who just like one band so far and above all others that the rest become merely a distraction.


We recently printed up a bunch of ???singles??? for a local exhibit in Beacon, NY and people immediately gravitated to the small 5×7 single prints specially produced for the exhibit. So we are posting the same items from the show in our new Glic??e 5×7 Prints section on chopshopstore.com. Each print comes with an appropriate mini-quote and are all printed on Moab Rag Bright white, weight is 190 GSM.


You can buy them each separately for $5 or as a complete set for $4 each (total price varies according to quantity in the given set).


Pictured above are the sets, ???Four Lads Print Set???, ???The Classic Rock Print Set??? and ???The Punk Rock Print Set???.

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Robot Rock, Rocks on a Tee or as a Print

It so hard for Chop Shop to resist pop-culture references. Our best received designs thus far have been our “weRobot” and “rockStar” tees which contain about 80+ pop-icon references just between the two. So when we came across this image by Richard Miske on flickr, it was like the gods sending us a signal.


Naturally, if robots ruled the world in 1979 instead of 2020… we believe they still would have been inclined to grab the nearest axe and start smashing. You can get the tshirt now from chopshopstore so that when the robot overlords look you over they will know who’s side you are on. Listen as your new robotic overlord speaks, “Male humans go here and female humans go here” or secure your 2-dimensional art version here.

Elvis Presley (self titled) The Clash “London Calling”

What makes this design even more referential than usual is that it pays homage to an album cover that pays homage to yet another album cover. Elvis’ debut album cover is seen above left and The Clash’s epic “London Calling” is to the right. The historic nature of both these records and the fact that there is this visual game shared between the two has led many others to follow the same example hoping just a bit of Elvis and The Clash might rub off on them. Considering some of the titles below… it seems like it just may work.

El Vez’s “El Vez Calling” Tom Waits’ “Rain Dogs” Tony Hawk’s “American Wasteland” Sountrack K.D. Lang’s “Reintarnation”

Now to get back to shameless self-promotion. We would be fools to not ask you to join our Chop Shop newsletter. Coupon codes and free tees are given out willfully and with reckless abandon.

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