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The Idol & The Whip T-shirt


In life we rarely need just one thing. Often you need one thing and only really want another. Need overcomes want, but there is nothing like the whole package. We are now offering the full package to fans of Chop Shop. You too can have it all, both the idol and the whip. God help those who try and make you choose. Available for Men in black (standard stock) or chocolate (American Apparel 2001) and for women in chocolate (American Apparel 2102).

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Our New ???weFab??? Tee Celebrings Fabulous Things


MP3s might seem funnier to some of you than this tee, but as far as we’re conceived this correction of tiny icons is the most wonderfoul one we’ve ever ready.

This tee is more popular than Bulldogs now; we don’t know which will go first – this tee or the laundry. Get it for fellows and birds on American Apparel or get it in standard stock for lads with less fuss.

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Agent Rawhide Reagun


You know Ron Reagan, but you haven’t met Rawhide Reagun. He may be fiscally conservative… but he liberally applies justice! Reagun is first in a series of presidential illustrations inspired by the actual code names given to them by the Secret Service while occupying the White House. “Rawhide” will join agents “Timberwolf” and “Searchlight” in another upcoming design planned for July.


Also new to Chop Shop is Civilicious. A new section where we will feature projects that “provoke civic delight” and will celebrate American history and politics rather than the divisive way it tends to be promoted in today’s media. “Agent Rawhide Reagan” is the first to be added to the collection with our classic “Obama in a Sea of Hope” which has been added retroactively. Look for more to come this summer.


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Come See Us at The Archway in Brooklyn


We will be at Brooklyn Craft Central’s Spring Market on Saturday, May 21 from 11 AM – 6 PM. You will find us suspiciously selling our wares in THE ARCHWAY Underneath the Manhattan Bridge (Water Street at Adams Street). 

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Last Day to Get a Chop Shop Horror by Halloween


You can get 58 Monsters, 35 Vampires, 51 of the Undead or the complete set for 30% off. Not to mention the recently unleashed 7 Deadly Sins tee. Order by noon tomorrow (Oct 27) and you should be able to get it by Saturday delivery. We will ship all horror themed tees by Priority to insure a timely arrival.

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Robot Rock, Rocks on a Tee or as a Print

It so hard for Chop Shop to resist pop-culture references. Our best received designs thus far have been our “weRobot” and “rockStar” tees which contain about 80+ pop-icon references just between the two. So when we came across this image by Richard Miske on flickr, it was like the gods sending us a signal.


Naturally, if robots ruled the world in 1979 instead of 2020… we believe they still would have been inclined to grab the nearest axe and start smashing. You can get the tshirt now from chopshopstore so that when the robot overlords look you over they will know who’s side you are on. Listen as your new robotic overlord speaks, “Male humans go here and female humans go here” or secure your 2-dimensional art version here.

Elvis Presley (self titled) The Clash “London Calling”

What makes this design even more referential than usual is that it pays homage to an album cover that pays homage to yet another album cover. Elvis’ debut album cover is seen above left and The Clash’s epic “London Calling” is to the right. The historic nature of both these records and the fact that there is this visual game shared between the two has led many others to follow the same example hoping just a bit of Elvis and The Clash might rub off on them. Considering some of the titles below… it seems like it just may work.

El Vez’s “El Vez Calling” Tom Waits’ “Rain Dogs” Tony Hawk’s “American Wasteland” Sountrack K.D. Lang’s “Reintarnation”

Now to get back to shameless self-promotion. We would be fools to not ask you to join our Chop Shop newsletter. Coupon codes and free tees are given out willfully and with reckless abandon.

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Chop Shop Interview on popculturetees.com

“I normally don’t start a feature with a comment, but I think that Chop Shop has something unique that I have not seen at any other site in the Shirt-o-Sphere and just had to point out. They have their own theme song and it was written and recorded by the grammy winning group, They Might Be Giants.”

Read the full article HERE.

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Design Life Tshirt. Know what I???m sayin’?

Design Life

Its more than a tshirt design. Its a way of life. Know what I’m sayin’? I mean, its a tshirt that’ll put some hair on your chest. Know what I’m sayin’?

This design comes in Alstyle color Sand (top) or on American Apparel Black on Charcoal or Black on Black (above), sizes SML-3XL. Ladies… if you are interested, let us know. Know what I’m sayin’?

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Ross Berens Takes on The Solar System

One thing about space science posters is they are usually not designed very well. You see them in high schools or universities and often use back-dated images from missions dating back 30 years… or worse… they are badly illustrated with no relation to what these bodies actually look like. For this reason, I had always thought it would be a great project to make some well-designed posters of the planets that feature the amazing images we now have of them from modern missions.

Sure enough someone comes along and knocks the whole system out in one fantastic series. They are each available for sale, but the funny thing about doing one for each planet is that you will not likely have too many takers for Uranus or even Pluto. However, the design on some of these makes it pretty tempting to grab them up just for the pretty.

I can’t wait until New Horizons gets to Pluto and it looks nothing like what is shown here and the art needs to be updated. Ross does try to keep it real by including the hypothetical ring some expect to find at Pluto when New Horizons arrives in 2015, but where are the 3 moons!?

I would be a rube to not include Saturn. But the exclusion of the Galileans at Jupiter, no Charon on the Pluto poster and the absence of Titan here on the Saturn poster has me wondering if there is a moon series in the works? If so, put me down for a copy of Io.

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