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weRobot Onesies Added!


Is your baby cute? Is it a robot? If you can answer at least one of those two questions in the affirmative you need to be looking at our ever popular “weRobot” design on American Apparel onesies. Just choose from the Style tab “Toddlers” and then for Brand choose “American Apparel”.


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2 Robot Tees in a Tin for Fathers Day


The Chop Shop Store in the Makers Market / Boing Boing Bazaar is selling two of their popular robot tees in a tin box for $40. Ideally it comes with 1 adult sized weRobot tee (men or women) and 1 children???s weRobot sized tee (onesies, toddlers & kids), but really any robot themed tee would work!


Pictured above are some details from the weRobot design. It is worth noting that only the toddler and onesies come in the version seen at top which only features 25 icons of ???friendly??? robots. Kids sizes feature the same art as the grown-up version with nasties included (seen lower left).


If the robot featured on the tin itself seems familiar to you??? it is likely to be because you own a copy of They Might Be Giants first music disc for kids, ???No!??? (seen above, third in the group). The disc art as well as all the interactive videos included on the CD-ROM component were the brain-child of The Chopping Block. A New York based design studio specializing in web design and multimedia since 1996.

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149 Celebrated Icons of Science Fiction Screen Print

Tshirts are great. You can print on them, put them over your torso and they help keep you modest and warm. The only real issue with them is that they are not the best canvasses for the smaller details. Most of the icons designed for Chop Shop’s SciFi, Horror/Fantasy and Rock Music series of tees include a level of detail that is simply lost when printed on tshirt fibers.

The SciFi Screen Print

Enter the Science Fiction Collection. A high quality screened poster featuring icons of 61 robots, 58 aliens and 30 various vehicles. Altogether adding up to a staggering 149 icons to contemplate while you really should be speding some quality time with your family. Exclusive to the poster are 14 icons that have not (as of this mailing) been included on any of the 3 scifi tshirt reprints (see above). The piece itself is printed in 3 colors, screened on a 14″x36″ sheet of 80lb poster stock and comes in your choice of black or white.

Remember there is also the Horror and Fantasy Screen Print featuring another 149 icons. See the special set offer at right.

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