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Cartoon John, trapped in The Sea of Icons.


Taken at Chop Shop Studio


We Accept Paypal!


Yeah. we know… big deal. We just wanted everyone to know. Welcome to 2011.

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Stormtroopers are aliens too.


Taken at Chop Shop Studio

Tatt???s So Cool

Entirely too cool temporary tattoos for designers. Another fine concept by the very Swiss Miss.


My kid has lots of tattoo books and one is of all these letters. I have actually executed this very concept with her kid/girly letters and spelled out “LOVE” and “HATE”… which in some ways may be funnier that using this more legitimate version. Shame there is no “PEACE” and “LOVE” , but that would require the buyer grow an extra finger.


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Farewell to the Shuttle Program


In addition to 2011 being the 50th anniversary of manned spaceflight — today is the final launch of the US Space Shuttle program which began with the first launch of Columbia in 1981. Above is the Shuttle Program as it is depicted on our “AboveEarth” tshirt which celebrates the long history of Earth/Space exploration. The Shuttle is also seen docked in the icon representing the Soviet/Russian Mir space station (1986). 


Get “AboveEarth” in time for the shuttle landing to ring in what we hope is the next phase of manned space exploration.

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This is the Best weRobot Model Shot Ever


Someone sent us this image they found online a while back. This has to be the best shot ever submitted to us of our weRobot design. A best-seller since it was released in 2008.

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More Presidential Badassedness is Coming Soon


Rawhide Reagan will be joined by two more of his brethren in a trio design. Here is a sneak peek at Presidential Agent Searchlight. Part of the new Civilicious line of designs coming to Chop Shop this summer.

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