Farewell to the Shuttle Program


In addition to 2011 being the 50th anniversary of manned spaceflight — today is the final launch of the US Space Shuttle program which began with the first launch of Columbia in 1981. Above is the Shuttle Program as it is depicted on our “AboveEarth” tshirt which celebrates the long history of Earth/Space exploration. The Shuttle is also seen docked in the icon representing the Soviet/Russian Mir space station (1986). 


Get “AboveEarth” in time for the shuttle landing to ring in what we hope is the next phase of manned space exploration.

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2 thoughts on “Farewell to the Shuttle Program

  1. myjoycake says:

    I just received this T-shirt through fab.com!! I am very excited!!! The Beyond Earth T-Shirt looks amazing, but Above Earth T-shirt’s blue looks much different than on the picture. (and I picture looks much nicer)

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are graphics, not pictures. The colors on a tshirt always look different than they do on screen. Additionally they are done with discharge which allows incredible detail but the color changes based on the color of the shirt itself.

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