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Vintage Chop Shop: Sir Freelancelot


Finally posted this vintage Chop Shop tee, Sir Freelancelot detailed with gold foil. This was always a favorite of our, released in 2007. There are only a few left of Men’s XL and 2X.

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This is the Best weRobot Model Shot Ever


Someone sent us this image they found online a while back. This has to be the best shot ever submitted to us of our weRobot design. A best-seller since it was released in 2008.

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Get Your Pants On. It Is Cyber Monday!

Cyber Monday 2010
Similar to our clearance pages, but Cyber Monday is for only one day and all items are between $4 for standard stock and $6 for American Apparel.

Coupons Tee
Faux coupons offering impossible deals from getting Mom off Facebook to the Droids you ARE looking for.Sale price available $6 on Men’s American Apparel SML-XL.

Filter Heroes
If Photoshop filters were super powers — which would you be? Get “Filter Heroes” for $4-$5 on Men’s Alstyle White sizes XL & 2X.

Oh My!
When Oz goes Scifi. Get “Oh My!” on a Men’s Alstyle tee for only $4-$5 or on American Apparel for $6. Sizes SML, LRG, XL and 2X.

The Internets
Some of the best internet memes from the dawn of the web to 2007. Get “The Internets” on a Men’s Alstyle Charcoal in sizes LRG, XL or 2X for only $4-$5.

Not a bird, plane or many-headed hydra. It is “Jpegasus” on a Men’s American Apparel Creme in sizes SML-XL or for Women in AA Black. Only $6.



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Next Tee: The Coupons Tee

The next design going to print is ???The Coupons Tee??? which will feature 19 different coupons that offer some awesome discounts like 30% off the ???droids you are looking for??? to a very special 50% off sale to acquire your very own ???Rings of Power???. Also some special fantastical offerings such as a guarantee of getting your Mom off Facebook to someone actually noticing one of your tweets (hard to imagine). Look for this new design by late April.


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That???s One Nerdy Trio of Prints, Harry

nerdrider_hires craftsman_hires squidrobot_hires

A bunch of new prints suddenly appeared on chopshopstore.com and are even nerdier than a whole boat load of robot icons. Nerd Rider (left) is actually the original version of a tshirt that has mysteriously disappeared from our collection due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control. The Craftsman (center) was inspired by the video game World of Warcraft and the actual real-life appearance of most of the “warriors” that play the game. Finally, The Squid and the Robot (right) was inspired by the prevalence of of both squids and robots in tshirt designs during the year 2009.

All digital prints are produced and printed on archival Moab Rag Bright white and the weight is 190 GSM. The size of these particular 3 pieces is 13″x19″.

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