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HOW Slides: Web Design For Non-Web Designers


Last week I presented at the HOW Design Conference Denver, CO. Our??objective for HOW was to present well-formed technique, design??solutions and inspiration to designers looking to work online. The??challenge at hand being to convince a packed room of talented yet??overstimulated pro’s that the web is not as complicated/different as??they are often led to believe. As promised, I have posted the Web Design For Non-Web Designers presentation online. (That was the link right there)

HTML5 was selected as the presentation engine because it was seemingly the right time to do so. A lot of designers/developers were inspired by the HTML5 slides built by Marcin Wichary & Ernest Delgado, our goal was to add some web fonts and make it look nice.??Over the years I have used Powerpoint, Keynote and Flash to build out often elaborate presentations, but now I am quite content trying to push the HTML5 & JavaScript slides as far as possible. If there is continued interest I can post more information about building the presentation itself.

On the way back from Denver, I made some additions to the slides:

  • Removed the PDF links, replacing them with Shadowbox.js galleries.
  • Quickly added a print.css file, which means it will look nice when you hit print.
  • Enabled the display of inline notes, just hit the 2 key (on a slide with notes).
  • Cleaned up the copy a bit, added more resource links.
  • Trimmed down the file size a bit. There is always room for more optimization.

The HOW Design Conference is a force for good, and I don???t often say such things about big conferences. The attendees, speakers (and yes sponsors) are a humble & talented group. Huge thanks to the folks at HOW and everybody who stopped me to say hello and talk shop.

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Next Tee: The Coupons Tee

The next design going to print is ???The Coupons Tee??? which will feature 19 different coupons that offer some awesome discounts like 30% off the ???droids you are looking for??? to a very special 50% off sale to acquire your very own ???Rings of Power???. Also some special fantastical offerings such as a guarantee of getting your Mom off Facebook to someone actually noticing one of your tweets (hard to imagine). Look for this new design by late April.


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