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Design Life Tshirt. Know what I???m sayin’?

Design Life

Its more than a tshirt design. Its a way of life. Know what I’m sayin’? I mean, its a tshirt that’ll put some hair on your chest. Know what I’m sayin’?

This design comes in Alstyle color Sand (top) or on American Apparel Black on Charcoal or Black on Black (above), sizes SML-3XL. Ladies… if you are interested, let us know. Know what I’m sayin’?

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Who is New on the SciFi Screen Print?

These are the robots, aliens and vehicles that were added to the Science Fiction Screen Print. None of these have appeared on any tshirt designs as of this posting. Can you get them all? One dates back almost 100 years while two are as new as a few months old.

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