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Chopped Interview on I Am The Trend


The Chop Shop is a brand that has really carved out a name and niche for themselves with their “Icon” shirts. For those of you that are unfamiliar basically Chop Shop takes several different related “icons” and form them together to make one recognizable super icon! For example their weVolve design that is made up of 37 different iconic apes forming one super ape, or their Rockstar design comprised of of 28 classic rockers forming a star.

These style tees have done wonders for setting Chop Shop apart from other tee companies and turned their company into a very recognizable and respected brand in the industry.

Read the full I Am The Trend interview here.

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A World Without Photoshop


We at Chop Shop are also known as The Chopping Block. So yes, we are the same people who made the recently viral video “World Without Photoshop” where we imagine what being a designer might look like today if Photoshop had never come to exist. There are some great sight gags including an absurd 3-D “Lorem” dummy type model, a copyPhone, copyBooks, an all powerful “Layers Stack” room and the mysterious “Photo Box” that somehow develops camera images in the same way vintage photo booths at the beach do.


Keep your eyes open for fleeting visual references too… like the iconic Nirvana “Nevermind” cover art as it might have appeared in the sideways world of no Photoshop or the bizarro-world version of the Wired “Evil-Genius” issue. See the Chopping Block Flickr stream for more stills.


While we are on the topic, don’t forget what the world might look like without Photoshop Filter Heroes.


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weVolve Icon #23


The next chopshopstore iconic design, available for pre-orders July 15 and begins shipping July 25. 37 celebrity apes and??monkeys from film, television, cartoons, video games and children???s entertainment. Available for men and women in both standard and American Apparel options.

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weVolve Icon #15


Soon to be a new??chopshopstore.com??design. Over 30 celebrity apes and??
monkeys (the final number is yet to be determined).

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Let Us Illustrate This Problem for You


Our Parent company The Chopping Block, has been working closely with Climate Central to help illustrate the actual data they get back from NASA and the US Navy on climate change. Climate Central is a nonprofit science and media organization created to provide clear and objective information about climate change and its potential risks. The illustrations are an attempt at showing the raw data in an entirely apolitical way that is easy for the average person to understand. The issue of climate change is a complex one and we hope that these illustrations can help people focus on the data, because climate change like any other science should be based upon data and not opinion.


Above is an attempt to speak in volumes??? It is difficult to speak to people in metric tons, so we try to convey the amounts in terms people are familiar with. Here we illustrate how the amount of ice lost in Alaska over 3 years would be enough to cover the states of CT, VT, ME, NJ, MD, NH, MA, RI and about 90% of NY in about 3 feet of ice. See also a similar treatment of Greenland Ice Loss.


Another way of looking at how the Arctic ice is thinning over 25 years. This time we are also showing the actual distribution of thicknesses over the region. Here the data on Autumn levels are shown and an additional illustration of these thicknesses is also available for Winter data on the Climate Central website.


Perhaps the most shocking data set is this illustration of how much ice is actually shedding off the coast of Greenland. The two front bergs represent the actual tonnage of bergs that were dislodged from the Greenland land mass. Only 7 billion in a TEN year period from 92-02 and 177 billion in only THREE years from 04-07. Hard to argue with those numbers??? though people will.

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