A World Without Photoshop


We at Chop Shop are also known as The Chopping Block. So yes, we are the same people who made the recently viral video “World Without Photoshop” where we imagine what being a designer might look like today if Photoshop had never come to exist. There are some great sight gags including an absurd 3-D “Lorem” dummy type model, a copyPhone, copyBooks, an all powerful “Layers Stack” room and the mysterious “Photo Box” that somehow develops camera images in the same way vintage photo booths at the beach do.


Keep your eyes open for fleeting visual references too… like the iconic Nirvana “Nevermind” cover art as it might have appeared in the sideways world of no Photoshop or the bizarro-world version of the Wired “Evil-Genius” issue. See the Chopping Block Flickr stream for more stills.


While we are on the topic, don’t forget what the world might look like without Photoshop Filter Heroes.


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