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WeGo New Stock, New Art

weGo-art-black-1080Also back in stock for the holidays is weGo, a collection of 54 celebrity vehicles. New to the design are three new vehicles; the 90s Batmobile, a M*A*S*H military transport and the classic Green Hornet “Black Beauty” and a new color arrangement in blues.
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Comic Con has Left the Building

Comic Con NY was a great experience as usual. We refer to it in-house as Nerd Christmas. This spry young bounty hunter greeted us each morning as we approached the Javitz.


Each year we have better sales than the previous, which says a whole lot about Comic Con NY itself. We had a flurry of previous customers already wearing our digs, but we only took 3 shots this year as we were too busy selling tshirts.

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Ham (ilton) Shot First!

Like Han, Hamilton shot first but, unlike Han, Hamilton took a fatal shot in the hip. What he lacked in marksmanship, he made up for in fiscal responsibility. A new design available now for men and women at chopshopstore.com.


A play on the well-known “Han Shot First” t-shirts that Star Wars fans feverishly produced one after the other following the release of the infamously remastered Star Wars films. Controversially, Lucas changed the cantina scene in A New Hope to have the hero Han Solo defensiely take a shot at Greedo in response to being fired upon first.


Designed by the Godmother of the Civilicious line, Stephanie Reyer.


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Another Filmography Tshirt for the ’70s


Its been a while, but we are finally following up on our ’80s film collection with the second in the series. Working again with Timo Meyer, this time it is the ’70s. A decade that is easily one of the most creative high points in the US film industry. 20 films are featured in all — from critically acclaimed landmark films to what came to be known as the very first Summertime blockbusters.


Get ’70s Selection in styles for men on American Apparel Black, Silver & Chocolate or on Tultex Black & Silver and for women on American Apparel Black & Silver.

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weLoaded Numbered for Solving


A blog named yesbutnobutyes.com surprised us once and posted a numbered version of one of our designs and the community had at it with tons of comments. Since then we have been making officially numbered versions of our art so that people can do the same thing in style. Yesbutnobutyes has since passed away, but it still remains on the interwebs and you can find some of the old posts with a simple Google search. Grab this numbered image of our newest design — weLoaded and post it to your blog or facebook. Maybe you will get a whole bunch of people to be totally unproductive today.

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79 Ways to Eliminate Your Enemies


How do you save the world? Stop the robots? Kill the deadly Beast of Caerbannog? You do it with a Holy Hand Grenade or with a shark with frickin’ laser beams attached to its head. weLoaded features 79 fictional weapons from various pop-culture sources including television, film, video games and comic books


This t-shirt design features more guns than you will find at an NRA rally, but also features an armoury full of grenades, swords and daggers as well. Possibly most entertaining is its selection of unconventional weaponry such as the nuclear bomb named “Jughead”, a giant green cartoon apple, a lethal 8-bit air-pump and many more.

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Is Chop Shop the Most ???Boinged?????T-shirt Studio?


Okay, so chances are that Threadless would actually be the most “boinged” t-shirt studio ever. But take a look at the gallery above and see all the designs that we have been honored with some boingboing.net love. 

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Here Comes The Coupon Tee

Another bunch of details from the new Chop Shop tee based on fake coupons. See our profile page for links to the full design as a PRE-ORDER in our shop:??http://www.chopshopstore.com.


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