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Custom Celebrity Apes Tee for MailChimp


Ben at MailChimp has been a great customer for Chop Shop over the years and we insist that MailChimp is the best email newsletter service out there. So when we decided last spring that the next pop-icon tee would focus on famous simians… we knew we had to let Ben know. He wanted Freddie (their logo/mascot) to be in the design somehow, but we were hesitant to include a corporate entity in a design that is intended to be about pop-culture icons. So we ditched Blip and dropped Freddie in for a special run exclusively printed for MailChimp with custom label included. 


See their recent blog post about their plans for weVolve the MailChimp edition.

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Revealed: weVolve (37 Celebrity Simians)


We hope you have been following the daily posting of each individual weVolve icon. Now you can get your damn dirty ape hands on an actual copy of the??celebrated simians tshirt??as they are now in stock.??37 iconic apes and monkeys from film, television, cartoons, video games, children???s entertainment and even one from classic literature.

This newest addition to the Chop Shop iconic series of tee designs was made with the superior discharge method of printing tshirts. A process that allows the finest of details to be clear which are usually lost to traditional methods of printing on t-shirt fabrics.

Styles are available for men in American Apparel Olive and Chocolate as well as in Alstyle Black. Women styles come in American Apparel Chocolate. Coming soon in Toddler and Kid sizes as well.

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