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History Became Myth Print Set

Icons became tshirts, tshirts became popular and things that should have been printed were not.


Now you can get the 5 icons from our “weScare” and “undeadWe” tshirts that were inspired by “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy in a set of 5″x7″ prints. See above for all five designs from top-left to bottom-left, “Fly You Fools”, “Shall Not Pass”, “The Precious”, “An Oath Fulfilled” and “Not by the Hand of Man”.

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Coming Soon: A New Design for Well Done

Chop Shop is about to release a tshirt design for the charity group WellDone. The organization strives to provide clean water for those without access by helping to implement water projects in their target communities. Some existing and upcoming projects include well drilling in West Africa, small scale water enterprise in India and water storage solutions in Kenya. A remarkable amount of sickness and death in these developing nations are the direct result of having no access to clean water resources. Check them out now at welldone.org or download this pdf to find out more.

Be sure to check back here or at chopshopstore.com in the next few days to see the design. The expected release date is Feb 4th.

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