Chop Shop is All About Radiolab


If you are unaware of this program on WNYC and you have the slightest interest in the human race, then you need to be following this program. Sometimes compared to the ever popular “This American Life”, Radiolab [] takes science fact and puts a human face on it by looking at the world of science through the whole of human experience. Hard to understand and sometimes hard to imagine science concepts are made real as they intersect the lives and stories of the subjects


All profits of this t-shirt design [] is to benefit the show and WNYC. The art is by Jez Burrows [] and was a smash hit on a previous fund-raiser sold as part of a set of small prints. The icon of the goat standing on a cow among a smattering of papers was inspired by a popular true story from Radiolab which actually centers around exactly such a scene.

Chop Shop plans a whole series of t-shirt designs for Radiolab which explains the whole new section on the site []. Look for additions to the series in May and June.


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