My Internet Portfolio Turns 20

choppingblock-1996-homeThe big 20 years has finally arrived. For myself and most of the world, the rumblings of the internet started about 20 years ago. At this time I had started The Chopping Block from a partner’s couch in a small NYC walk-up apartment crammed with three other roommates (not to mention random girlfriends of the time).

This is the first web site I had ever uploaded for all the world to see. Not much to say about the design except to note the very intentional “raw materials” look to it. For several years, websites were made to look futuristic because… they were built in cyberspace, don’t you know?! This was very much a reaction to that trend, not a bevelled button to be clicked upon (how will people know to click?).

I am going to be looking back 20 years every once in a while and post what I was working on at that time and hopefully some interesting stories will follow. Remember, this is a time when an animated roll-over effect was considered high-tech. That and the screen resolutions were 800×400 — if you can imagine that.


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