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Moko: Making America’s Hair Great Again

A friend of the Chop is the owner of Moko Beauty Salon on 3rd Street in Philadelphia (aka Nerd Street). She asked if I had any ideas for a window display themed for both the election and women’s hair styles. Was there was ever an election better for having fun with hair?

And of course we couldn’t resist displaying our mutual affections for Mr. Drumpf and his, well… hair?


1996: Tor Books, The Three Californias

Another look at 20 years ago. This is a design I did for a trilogy of books for Tor Books by Kim Stanley Robinson called “The Three Californias”. The paintings were provided to me, but below the shoreline are three alternate maps of Orange County, CA that illustrates the concept of book. One map is normal, one is over-developed and one is devastated by war.