Water By Numbers: Raising Funds and Water Access Awareness

All profits from the sale of this tee are donated to WellDone. A water awareness and access non-profit, working to bring clean drinking water to communities lacking access, and to drive global awareness and action in the fight against water scarcity. To learn more about WellDone or get involved, visit WellDone.org.

The design itself includes 27 icons relating to modern issues surrounding water access in the developing world. Each of these icons is also numbered and corresponds to a specific statistic. The key to all these numbers is printed on the inside of the back of the tee and is shown in the image above.

Thanks also goes out to Quist Industries for donating all the printing. Quist does a large amount of Chop Shop’s printing and is always top notch. They are like the Apple Computers of tshirt screen printing. Check out their site at quistindustries.com, which also happens to be a The Chopping Block production.

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