I Have So much Teux Deux Today


We live in a world chock full of ToDo list apps. The problem with most of these tools is that they all tend to be too complex and suffer low adoption rates because of it. To that end, Teux Deux offers a solution so simple that I’m amazed it took so long for someone to make it.

Teux Deux (pronounced to do) is an elegantly simple ToDos application designed by the wonderful Tina Roth-Eisenberg (of swiss-miss.com fame). To start teuxdeuing, you simply create an account online and can immediately start adding items to your list. The window is divided into the expected 5 column format (see above) so that you can see your work-week at a glance. Below the week (not shown here) is another 5 empty columns for items that need to be done… eventually; which is a better part of the genius here. When you complete an item you cross it off the list and it remains there as a record of your daily activities. This, by the way, becomes a really handy reference for those of us who always forget to time track our days before forgetting it later in the week.

Here at the Block, we are big-time subscribers to the wonderful world of Basecamp. But nearly everyone here uses the ToDo lists on Basecamp for smaller items associated with a larger project, like a list of revisions. Additionally, it is difficult to add publicly viewable items to any one list that is not directly associated to a project. Teux Deux is more personal. There is nothing stopping you from noting that a proposal has to go out right next to an entry to remind you to call your Mom for Mother’s Day.

So get on over to teuxdeux.com and give it a try. It is also worth noting that an iPhone version of the app is in the works so you can add to your lists even while you are in transit. If you don’t try it, then don’t come crying to me when your whole world falls apart.

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