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165 Years of Presidential Campaign Slogans

Whether you’re a real pundit or not, you can pretend with this supercool graphic tee. Just like our pop-culture iconic tees, we also took a shot at collecting 25 historic presidential campaign slogans. 


From James K. Polk’s 1844 slogan “54, 40 or Fight” to Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can”. Available in styles for men and women on navy, cranberry, black or asphalt colored tees.


Also soon to be available as a 13″x15″ digital print.


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JFK Goes 8-Bit


I know it could be just about any navy suited man, but in context — it is JFK. Another 8-bit prez, which is likely to be a part of a design by Chop Shop for Civilicious coming later this Spring.  

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